A Leap Forward: 55plus CBD & Realm of Caring's New Partnership

A Leap Forward: 55plus CBD & Realm of Caring's New Partnership

The Realm of Caring Foundation, a leader in cannabinoid therapy research and education, has recently forged a strategic partnership with 55plus CBD, a company renowned for its high-quality cannabinoid products tailored to the needs of older adults. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in the integration of cannabinoid therapies into wellness regimes specifically designed for the aging population, who may benefit profoundly from the therapeutic potentials of CBD.

This partnership leverages Realm of Caring's extensive research and educational resources to endorse 55plus CBD's products, ensuring they meet the highest standards of efficacy and safety. The collaboration is particularly noteworthy because it addresses a growing need for natural, effective treatment options that can enhance the quality of life for older adults dealing with various health challenges. By combining Realm of Caring's groundbreaking research and educational outreach with 55plus CBD’s commitment to product quality, this partnership stands to significantly advance the role of cannabinoid therapies in promoting health and wellness among active adults.

About Realm of Caring

Realm of Caring (RoC) is an influential non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals through the research, education, and advocacy of cannabinoid therapies. Founded in 2013, RoC has established itself as a pioneering force within the cannabis industry, guided by the mission to improve quality of life and to facilitate mainstream acceptance of plant-powered therapies. Their work targets not just consumers but also healthcare providers and the broader hemp and cannabis sectors.

RoC offers a variety of services aimed at demystifying cannabinoid use and maximizing its therapeutic potential. They provide a wealth of educational resources, including webinars, articles, and a detailed client education series that covers dosing, administration, and the latest research findings. Their support services are robust, offering personalized guidance via phone or email, tailored to each client’s unique needs in cannabinoid therapy.

One of the hallmark initiatives of RoC is the Observational Research Registry (ORR), a partnership with Johns Hopkins University. This registry is a comprehensive study that collects health outcomes from participants using cannabinoid products. The ORR is instrumental in shaping clinical research and public perception about the effectiveness and safety of cannabinoid therapies. The data gathered through this registry has already led to significant findings published in reputable scientific journals, helping to substantiate the medical benefits of cannabinoids.

Through these efforts, RoC not only supports individual patients but also contributes to broader, evidence-based policy changes and educational efforts that promote a deeper understanding and acceptance of cannabinoid therapies across the globe.

Purpose of the ROC & 55plus CBD Partnership

55plus CBD is a company that has carved out a niche in the wellness industry by focusing on providing high-quality CBD products specifically designed for adults 55+. This demographic often faces unique health challenges, and 55plus CBD aims to address these with CBD formulations that are both safe and effective. The company's product line includes Softgels, Tinctures, Gummies, and Topicals, each crafted with careful attention to purity, potency, and user-friendliness to ensure they meet the specific needs of older adults.

The partnership between Realm of Caring (RoC) and 55plus CBD is grounded in a shared commitment to improving the quality of life for older adults through cannabinoid therapy. RoC now officially recommends 55plus CBD products due to their stringent adherence to quality and safety standards, which align closely with RoC’s own rigorous criteria. 55plus CBD's commitment to transparency and third-party testing reassures consumers about the integrity and efficacy of their products. This alignment ensures that the therapeutic benefits of CBD are accessible and beneficial, potentially helping to ease pain, improving sleep quality, and possibly enhancing overall well-being among the elderly. RoC's endorsement of 55plus CBD highlights the trust and confidence in the ability of these products to meet the therapeutic needs of 55+ adults safely and effectively.

This collaboration also aims to provide 55plus CBD customers with educational resources and one on one consultations that empower them to make informed decisions about their health treatments, thereby improving treatment efficacy and safety. Additionally, the partnership is set to deliver support services that guide users through the nuances of cannabinoid usage, ensuring a safer and more effective experience. This strategic alliance is designed to foster a better quality of life through trusted, science-backed cannabinoid therapies.

CBD Consultations by Realm of Caring

Realm of Caring operates a dedicated cannabis support hotline, which is a valuable resource for individuals seeking guidance on cannabinoid therapies. This service is particularly beneficial for 55plus CBD customers who are often older adults looking for reliable information on how to incorporate CBD into their wellness routines safely and effectively.

The hotline provides personalized support, offering one-on-one consultations with knowledgeable representatives who can answer questions, provide administration guidelines, and help users navigate the myriad of product options. For 55plus CBD customers, this means access to expert advice tailored to their specific health conditions and concerns, which is crucial for those new to CBD or those with complex health profiles.

The impact of RoC’s aforementioned research extends beyond academia into the practical realms of the CBD market. Their findings help companies improve product formulations and ensure that marketing claims are substantiated by solid evidence, promoting industry standards and consumer trust. Additionally, RoC's commitment to public education through the dissemination of their research findings has played a crucial role in demystifying CBD and cannabinoids for the general public and healthcare professionals alike.

With the new partnership of 55plus CBD and RoC, 55plus CBD gains the advantage of RoC's research-driven endorsements, which underscores the efficacy and safety of their products, boosting consumer confidence. For RoC, this collaboration enhances their mission to educate and support individuals in exploring cannabinoid therapies by connecting them with products they can trust. The move also aims to broaden the acceptance and use of cannabinoid therapies, potentially leading to better health outcomes for older adults desiring a restful night's sleep, muscle and joint support, a sense of calm and other health challenges associated with aging.

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